KAT Post Hole Digger


Simple 3-point hitch

Hydraulic cylinder for added power

Comes with two auger sizes

Requires only 40kW tractor power

Drills holes up to 1m deep

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KAT Post Hole Digger

The KAT 300/500 Post Hole Digger is the ideal piece of equipment to have when you need power, precision and speed. The auger moves seamlessly into any soil and is powered by the PTO-shaft and hydraulic cylinder. The KAT Post Hole Digger is suitable for drilling a variety of holes, e.g. fence post holes, tree planting holes (especally pecan nuts) and use in construction projects.

The digger comes with two auger sizes (300mm and 500mm diameter) and can drill holes up to 1m. Other auger sizes can be supplied upon request. Wear parts such as blades and auger tips can be purchased from KAT Implemente.



Hole size/ auger diameter 300mm or 500mm
Hole depth/ auger length up to 1m
Hitch type 3-point linkage
Wear parts 2 x blades, 1 x tip
(two tip options to choose from)
Capacity 60 - 90 holes p/h
Operating speed 0 km/h
KW required 40 kW
PTO speed 540 rpm
Weight 330 kg