KAT Olifant 2500


Lift loads up to 2 500 kg

Lift loads up to 5m vertically

Features two solid forklift wheels

Hydraulically lifted, mechanically extended

3-point linkage

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KAT Olifant 2500 Agriculture Equipment

KAT Olifant 2500

Also included in KAT's yard maintenance product range is this very nifty lift machine. As the Afrikaans name suggests, this machine is powerful and versatile.

The KAT Olifant (Elephant) can lift loads of up to 2.5 tons to a height of 5m! The machine is manufactured from heavy steel tubing. Two solid wheels provide stability when lifting and mobility when transporting between point a and point b. The Olifant is hitched on a tractor 3-point and is hydraulically operated.


Olifant 2500

Lifting capacity 2 500 kg
Lifting height 5.0 m
Hitch type 3-point linkage
Number of wheels 2 solid forklift wheels
Number of axles 1
Operating speed 2 – 5 km/h
KW required 60 – 80 kW
Operation type hydraulic lifting, mechanical extension
Weight 740 kg
Unit dimensions (L x W x H) 300 x 180 x 190 cm