About The Company

About The Company

KAT Agriculture Equipment Free State, South Africa

We are KAT Implemente


KAT prides itself as a manufacturer of unique, reliable, low-maintenance agricultural equipment. As farmers ourselves, we know how important it is to keep your farm operations running as smooth as possible. We design our equipment with ease of use and maintenance in mind. We fit our equipment with high quality wear parts. Ons praat ook Afrikaans en bied tegniese advies en kennis.



KAT implements are not just another corporate product being flushed in the market by a corporate executive who knows very little about farming. The owners of KAT have made a significant investment in their own brand – therefore you can rest assured that KAT implements are reliable, tried and tested equipment.



The establishment of KAT Implemente dates back to 2007 when the company director started building disc harrows on his father’s farm after matric. Slowly the business expanded and soon he established a small factory on their farm in Kroonstad. The company was officially incorporated in 2014 and despite testing times in the agricultural industry and looming political turmoil, has continued to strengthen.

The company is headed by a father-son duo, Rikus and Frikkie van der Merwe, who both literally have a lifetime’s experience in livestock and crop farming. This makes KAT Implemente a unique and powerful company in the sense that it is not just another corporate company that floods the market with their equipment. Our equipment is designed by farmers, for farmers. All KAT Implemente’s equipment is also utilised in the Van der Merwe farming operations, therefore the equipment has been thoroughly tried and tested before it is sold to customers.